Jet Lag? Who Knows?!


My mom gave me homeopathic tablets to combat jet lag on my transatlantic flight to Wales. I had already rejected the travel toilet paper, so I figured, why not?

I crunch on a tablet before takeoff, pleased to have snagged a window seat. Two hours later, I chew down another oh-so-homeopathic tablet and enjoy my in-flight meal at 3:30pm Pacific time. Reasonably warm under the thin little airline blanket, I read on my Nook for a while before popping another tablet.

After breakfast (at 10:30pm PST) and landing at Heathrow, I hustle through customs and- groan -more security (off go the shoes, out goes the laptop, in the bag go the liquids- part deux). A quick flight to Manchester (2 more tablets) and I meet up with my group after hiking 20 minutes across 3 terminals.

All done with my tablets now, and on the 2-hour bus ride into North Wales.

Grass, sheep, repeat.

Signs in Welsh (Cymraeg), ruins, a gothic church and a castle or two. The pale gray-blue sea. The bus gets quiet as we pass a crumbling castle on a cliff.

The others are too jet lagged to bat an eye when the bus driver passes like everyone else on the road- a circumspect 2 inches from the car in front, and fast- but it doesn’t escape my attention.

By the end of my trip, I was exhausted from being up for some 20 or 30 hours, traveling, and eating at odd times. That said, I still felt better off than the other students in my program looked. I can’t tell if the tablets actually worked and I was just sleep deprived, or if I had jet lag after all, but I guess I’d try them again; they certainly didn’t hurt!


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