Walking around


After church and a short orientation meeting, a bunch of us found ourselves with hours of free time and a startlingly sunny day, so we decided to go for a long walk. Our goal: to get out of Bangor. 

IMG_3521 IMG_3543 IMG_3544 IMG_3547 IMG_3548 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3561 IMG_3565
































A goal which was surprisingly easy to accomplish; the town isn’t all that big. We walked along the hill overlooking the water, passing a set of standing stones I hadn’t known was there. I’m definitely going to explore that further when I get a chance!

IMG_3567 IMG_3568IMG_3570

We went down near the pier and along the beach road, bewildering the local people with all the pictures we took.

IMG_3566 IMG_3574 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3579 IMG_3585
























We were more or less in search of Penhryn Castle (I think we ended up about 15 minutes away, but the road was restricted), but instead we found a neat walking trail that seemed very popular with the locals. We were in constant danger of getting run over by polite Welsh cyclists, who must have been too well-mannered to shout a warning when they were coming up behind us. 

IMG_3600 IMG_3610 IMG_3612 IMG_3617 IMG_3620 IMG_3621 IMG_3626 IMG_3635


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