Monthly Archives: February 2014

Lots of planets have a North: Timezones

Here in Wales, we’re quite up North- on latitude with Canada. This time of year, that means the days are short (no daylight savings time?!) and dark. It doesn’t get light out till 9 or 10 am, and it begins to get dark at 4:30pm. That was a huge adjustment for me the first month: […]

Churches: Bangor and surrounding

Day trips are great and all, but what is life like around town in Bangor? For an hour on Sundays you can find me in church. Bangor Cathedral was founded by St. Deiniol in 525 AD and rebuilt in the mid-13th century. The natives called the fence around the churchyard a “bangor”, and the name […]

Gorge Scrambling

Well, it seems I got my wish about water. In fact, I got my wish back tenfold, wetsuit required. Outdoor Pursuits week 3: Gorge scrambling! Zip into a wetsuit, add warm layers and waterproofs, throw on a buoyancy aid, harness, and helmet, and you’re ready to scramble. Now add the gorge: We passed through the […]

Snapshot of Liverpool

Liverpool is a surprisingly cool city to visit: with two spectacular cathedrals, a football (soccer) field, a big shopping district, a rich history of both immigration and the Mersey Beat groups– The Beatles being the most famous– and scads of free museums to see, it’s little wonder I couldn’t fit it all into one afternoon. Along […]

The largest cathedrals in the UK

To stand at the top of the largest cathedral in the United Kingdom, you enter the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in England. Find the red telephone booth inside and take the adjacent lift to the fourth floor. Get out, walk around the corner and up a flight of stairs between close-set brick walls. Take the next […]

Ticket to Ride with the Beatles in Liverpool

Submerging myself in the world of the Beatles on this weekend’s trip to Liverpool was probably the most sheer fun of any outing I’ve had so far. If I’d had more than just a few more hours in Liverpool, I would have loved to get a taste of the dozen impressive museums in Liverpool, or […]

Blue skies, light heart

I woke last Friday (my day off- thumbs up for the best schedule of my college career!) with sunlight streaming through my window. I had planned a writing day, but I couldn’t let blue skies go to waste. That’s the thing about so-so weather: when the sun comes out, you pay attention. I pulled on […]

I’ll take the low ropes, you take the high ropes

As fun as all my field trips have been, I am actually a student here. And one of my classes is the utterly unique Outdoor Pursuits, run through the Conway Centre. One day a week, I join a group of 10 in completing various physical challenges against the backdrop of the North Wales landscape. Up here […]

Rugby and the Superbowl: a sleepless night

It’s amazing how quickly being abroad makes me feel like an American. Before, I was an Oregonian, if anything. Here, though, surrounded by not-America, I’m very aware of my nationality. Which is why I stayed up till 3 am to watch the Superbowl this year, when I’ve barely cared about football before. It was my team, […]

The Roman City of Chester, England

My first (non-airport) foray into England: Chester, a medieval city built on Roman ruins and renovated in the Victorian era. A shopper’s paradise as much as a history buff’s.                 Chester is known for its medieval rows, which are basically a street of shops, all in a row (hence the […]