The Marble Church: A Victorian dream

Close your eyes and picture the most quintessentially Victorian church you can imagine.  Now open them:


St. Margaret’s Church in Bodelwyddan, Wales, also known as the Marble Church or the Wedding Cake Church, is an archetypal Victorian church, and the model for wedding cake topper churches. Walking up to it, it’s easy to see why.

IMG_4146 IMG_4145



















The inside of The Marble Church just as beautiful as its exterior.


It is fairly small, at least compared to Chester Cathedral, but it has exquisite detail, and the stained glass windows were especially eye-catching.


IMG_4129 IMG_4125 IMG_4122 IMG_4116 IMG_4107 IMG_4108









The Marble Church was just a small stop on the way to Chester (more on that later!), but it was absolutely worth stopping for. Just check out that gorgeous blue sky! It rained the rest of the day, so this was a rare treat for us that you get to share in:

IMG_4144 IMG_4143 IMG_4142 IMG_4145 IMG_4139 IMG_4135
























As enjoyable as the architecture was, there was a poignant moment as well.


You can see in the background of the above photo the graves of Canadian soldiers from World War I. They were stationed here on their way back home from the war, when the Spanish Influenza broke out. More people died from the Spanish flu in 1918 than in WWI or in 4 years of the 14th century Black Plague. These government- supplied graves of the young Canadian who perished from the flu look just like the graves on the fields of Normandy. It was rather chilling to see the rows of white. 

IMG_4136 IMG_4150IMG_4115 IMG_4151


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