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A pelican & a windmill walk into the Grote Market…

Haarlem¬†was a short train ride away from Amsterdam, and though I went mainly for the Ten Boom Huis, I took an hour to stroll through the Grote Markt, fresh fruit salad and kiwi-banana juice in hand. St. Bavo Kerk//Church of St. Bavo               The first thing I noticed walking […]

Strolling through Amsterdam

One of my favorite moments of my Amsterdam weekend was meandering through the streets of central Amsterdam, admiring canals, avoiding getting run over by bikes, and looking at the tulips in the flower market.               I visited the Hortus Botanicus on a whim, and it turned out to be […]

The Books That Brought Me to Amsterdam

I was super pumped to go to Amsterdam, and bookworm that I am, it was all thanks to three books …   The Diary of Anne Frank, of course. I’ve read this several times, and I probably liked it so much as a kid because I never had to read it for school. I used […]

Getting lost in Amsterdam

Post 1 of 3 about Amsterdam: My misadventures ¬† My first real solo travel experience was a bumpy one. I had a free weekend, and for my first visit to the European continent, I chose Amsterdam. All the posts I found online while I was doing research said things like “Don’t worry, you can tell […]

Mountain Walking and more British understatement

Mountain walking, ha. More like mountain walking, jogging, scrambling, hoisting, sliding, crawling. Whoever said the British were given to understatement were guilty of understatement themselves. Usually, I find this habit adorable, amusing, charming, and humble (as in the habit of British people of any age or sex referring to elderly folks as “that young lady […]

St. David’s day in Cardiff

I happened to be in Cardiff for St. David’s Day (*snaps* for nice timing). St. David is the patron saint of Wales (think St. Patrick in Ireland), and his feast day is a national celebration. Seemingly everyone in Wales wears a daffodil to show their pride, but the crowd in the capital city becomes a […]

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle was the coolest castle I’ve seen so far, and the highlight of my Cardiff weekend.                 Walking along the animal wall in the city center and through the castle walls, I see a neat little castle on a rise, looking just like a castle should: tower, […]

En Route to Cardiff

We took the long way to Cardiff, and stopped at the major attractions on the way down the length of Wales: Hereford Cathedral and Tintern Abbey. No! you cry. Not more churches, please! Relax. There’s more to it than that, I promise. Hereford Cathedral is home to the Mappa Mundi, the largest medieval map in […]

Mountain biking in Gwydyr Forest

Mountain biking was the latest adventure of the week: Straining uphill and skidding downhill under spare February trees with glimpses of hazy mountains and bright valleys was possibly the most fun I’ve had so far in Outdoor Pursuits.                 The rest of the group started out with great […]