Historic Dublin

Dublin is less a big city than a collection of small towns in one space, I think. Friends I’ve talked to who love big cities tend to dislike Dublin, but I enjoyed it more than I’d expected. You won’t find skyscrapers or fast-paced city life in Dublin, but you will find musicians on the streets, plenty of ways to have a good time, and reminders everywhere of various events in Irish history.

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Hanging around the cells of Kilmainham Gaol (pronounced ‘jail’), walking past the General Post Office, and strolling through Trinity College, the History major in me almost fainted with delight.




Kilmainham Gaol

Okay, I’ve already said I’m into Irish history. So I wasn’t going to miss a trip to the gaol. It was a chilling and sobering experience, true, as the very stone walls and pitted wooden doors stand testament to the suffering held within them. And yet it was exciting to walk past rows of cells that had held leaders in Irish history, from the little dark cells from the 1916 Easter Rising to the famous East cell block.

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Trinity College

There are only a couple (3, I think) of these globe ball thingys in the world. It’s cool because you can spin it around, and in half my pictures it looks like it’s eating people. The Book of Kells (no photography) was awesome to see. Since I hadn’t built it up to mythic proportions in my head, I was impressed with the intricate detail that went into the book and others like it… No more excuses about my handwriting, I guess. The Trinity College library fulfilled all expectations of an old, elegant library, smelling strongly of old books and exuding the kind of atmosphere that makes you hush automatically.

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Dublin Castle

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Dublin streets


Wolf Tone, 18th century rebellion leader & really tall guy


Famine statue


Molly Malone statue from the song, Dublin’s ‘unofficial anthem’


St. Paul’s Cathedral


Jonathan Swift’s memorial stone in St. Paul’s Cathedral


Street performers


General Post Office, headquarters of the 1916 Easter Rising




A really cool band performing in the center of Dublin

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