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Street Art Across London

One of my favorite (and marginally less Typical Tourist-y) things to do in London was hunt for cool, colorful street art. London is a Big City, so this is the good stuff- not just scrawls of graffiti but art, art that makes you think.                         […]

Notting Hill

Surprisingly, Hugh Grant did not feature prominently in our outing to Notting Hill. Nonetheless, Elea and I managed to have a fantastic time walking through Notting Hill our first afternoon in London.                               The Portobello street market is un-missable, and the spring […]

Arthur’s Seat

Starting at Edinburgh Castle, walk down the Royal Mile for 15 minutes until you arrive at the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace. Hang a right and bam! you’re in a park where you can walk to the top of an inactive volcano known as Arthur’s Seat.                 Viewed […]

A Writer’s Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that has attracted generations of writers. As a writer myself, I was drawn to the writer’s haunts and tributes all over Old Town. The Scott Monument was the first thing I saw when I arrived, an immense Gothic spire rising out of the fog. I had been wanting to visit the […]

Walking the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

My Scottish flatmate informs me that Edinburgh is more like England than Scotland, and well, that’s probably true. I’d love to visit the Scottish Highlands sometime, but for now, one weekend in Edinburgh was a wonderful teaser for Scotland. I took the train from England’s Lake District to Edinburgh, and the scenery out the window […]


I’ve been radio silent on this blog lately, thanks to both finals and my own laziness. Things have been going well though, and before I continue posting about my spring break and my last few weeks around Bangor, I’ll just give a quick update on Things Lately. No pictures from the last days of my Outdoor […]

The Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway: Fascinating geological wonder or giant’s backyard? It being Ireland, both of these were presented with equal consideration. Volcanic flow, perhaps, or giant Finn McCool, who ran around challenging Scottish giants and leaving his shoes behind. I took a day bus tour from Belfast to the causeway, stopping at Carrick-a-rede rope bridge (not quite […]