I’ve been radio silent on this blog lately, thanks to both finals and my own laziness. Things have been going well though, and before I continue posting about my spring break and my last few weeks around Bangor, I’ll just give a quick update on Things Lately.

Incredibly photogenic Welsh camel at the Welsh mountain zoo. (AKA the "before" model for a L'Oreal ad)

Incredibly photogenic Welsh camel at the Welsh mountain zoo. (AKA the “before” model for a L’Oreal ad)

No pictures from the last days of my Outdoor Pursuits class, as they were wet activities, but I did them, I swear! Surfing off the coast of Anglesey was one of the highlights of this semester. It was my first time surfing, and by the end of the day I managed to catch a few waves standing up, arms windmilling wildly. A rather scarier activity was sea-level traversing, or scrambling along the cliff face at the water’s edge. I tried my first tyrolean traverse– Our instructors strung a rope over the ocean between a tall rock and a cliff, and once I hooked my harness in and admired the geology of the cliffs, I laid stomach-first on the rope, threw my left foot over for balance, and pulled myself along the rope by my arms, balancing carefully. A challenging activity for someone with as little upper body strength as me, but I made it!

Not me! She went before me :) Like I said, no picture proof :(

Not me! She went before me :) Like I said, no picture proof :(

I ground out my finals papers and revisited Conwy and Criccieth castles with the group. We enjoyed a bit of sun and some wild spring flowers.

9-IMG_02242-IMG_0165  7-IMG_0218 6-IMG_0201 5-IMG_0186 4-IMG_0175 3-IMG_01688-IMG_0222  1-IMG_0161 5-IMG_0424 4-IMG_0419 3-IMG_0415 2-IMG_0402 1-IMG_0400 6-IMG_0429

Spring break was lovely; after Ireland I visited London, the Lake District, and Edinburgh. My friend Elea and I spent the Easter weekend on Lake Windermere in England’s Lake District. Our 3rd Easter spent together, though sadly not with her family this year. Elea flew a kite (the wind didn’t pick up on her hint). Elea the Easter Bunny surprised me with British Easter candy, including a giant Cadbury egg and old-timey candy which Elea tried to break apart with the little hammer provided. Who needs Easter dinner when you can just eat candy, right? I kid. Kind of.

10-IMG_9635 09-IMG_9633 08-IMG_9630 03-IMG_9611 05-IMG_9615 01-IMG_9606
















I sat on the bank of Lake Windermere on Easter Monday with a journal in one hand and an Agatha Christie mystery in the other. All in all, a relaxing weekend with my good friend.

2-IMG_9595 4-IMG_9605 3-IMG_9596 11-IMG_9642 12-IMG_9644

















More posts soon, I promise!


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