Arthur’s Seat

Starting at Edinburgh Castle, walk down the Royal Mile for 15 minutes until you arrive at the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace. Hang a right and bam! you’re in a park where you can walk to the top of an inactive volcano known as Arthur’s Seat.

25-IMG_9986 57-IMG_0111









Viewed from Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat is a hazy blue hill on the horizon.

29-IMG_9832 24-IMG_9796

Hiking/walking the entire park only takes a couple hours, and it’s totally worth it!

I was winded though, climbing a vertical elevated path along the edge of the hill. On my way, I passed a dozen or so runners much tougher than I, booking it up the hill.

34-IMG_0035 32-IMG_0028







The view was spectacular every step of the way. I could see the sea, Holyrood Palace, the Italian folly on another hill, the Scott Monument, the cathedrals, the castle, and what felt like the entirety of Edinburgh.

26-IMG_9991 27-IMG_0005 28-IMG_001537-IMG_004740-IMG_0064 36-IMG_0037



















I took the medium-difficulty path (because it was the first path I found).  I reached the top feeling exhilarated. (Yes, because it was a solo trip I resorted to the Dreaded Selfie.)

43-IMG_0069 44-IMG_0074 45-IMG_0087 46-IMG_0088











Five minutes later, the sun came out (surely a rare occurrence in Edinburgh) and the view became even more amazing.

50-IMG_0094 49-IMG_0093 52-IMG_0104









I meandered down the other direction, passing a ruined Italian chapel and crashing through long grass between paths like a really tame Indiana Jones. Arthur’s Seat is so close to the center of Old Town that I was able to grab a quick and well-deserved bite to eat on my way back. I hiked in the morning, checked out the National Art Gallery, and hopped on my train back to Bangor that afternoon.

53-IMG_0105 54-IMG_0107 55-IMG_0108 56-IMG_0110 58-IMG_0121 59-IMG_0126 61-IMG_0128 62-IMG_0135



  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I’m in the process of planning our third visit to Edinburgh and we’ve yet to hike up Arthur’s Seat. After seeing your photos/description, I’m adding it to our list. Hoping the weather will cooperate!


    1. Yes, if you can find a clear day I think you’ll have a wonderful time! It’s a great view of Edinburgh. Have a good trip!


  2. I just love living vicariously through you! :)


    1. Glad you enjoy it, Preeti! By the way, I kept meeting a lot of Aussies on my travels :)


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