Notting Hill

Surprisingly, Hugh Grant did not feature prominently in our outing to Notting Hill. Nonetheless, Elea and I managed to have a fantastic time walking through Notting Hill our first afternoon in London.

16-IMG_8738 14-IMG_8735 13-IMG_8732 03-IMG_8674
















The Portobello street market is un-missable, and the spring weather actually held out for us (in London! maybe my life is a bit like a movie?), even sending pink blossoms raining down on passersby.

08-IMG_8689 07-IMG_8687









We browsed everything from century-old maps and dinky tourist souvenirs to tea cups and jewelry.

06-IMG_8683 05-IMG_8679









We tried on hats, spoke with the locals, and saw this guy:

09-IMG_8713 11-IMG_8717 18-IMG_8742 17-IMG_8740













Then we splurged on the best dessert of the trip:


A decent walk from the market and we landed in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park- beautiful, open green space to walk, pause and enjoy the sculptures and fountains, and walk some more.

20-IMG_8746 19-IMG_8744


Very old & whimsical ceramic gnomes & fairies in a gnarled tree.

21-IMG_8753 23-IMG_8764 24-IMG_8766 25-IMG_8771

























We stared in awe at the imposing Prince Albert Memorial, marveling at the gold and marble, the arrogance of representing the world’s nations (all those under the British Empire’s rule at one point, including the US), and the drive of grief and love that led to the monument’s creation.26-IMG_8777 27-IMG_8779 28-IMG_8781 29-IMG_8786 30-IMG_8792 31-IMG_8798 32-IMG_8816 33-IMG_8820 34-IMG_8822


































It turns out, sunset in London is something to see.




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