Street Art Across London

One of my favorite (and marginally less Typical Tourist-y) things to do in London was hunt for cool, colorful street art. London is a Big City, so this is the good stuff- not just scrawls of graffiti but art, art that makes you think.

27-IMG_9147 76-IMG_9013 77-IMG_9014 74-IMG_9010
















I found plenty of street art just by walking around, going through open-air markets, and walking to my hostel.

37-IMG_8870 15-IMG_8736 10-IMG_8715







The truly unique experience came when I let some locals show me around.

63-IMG_8996 64-IMG_8997 71-IMG_9007 72-IMG_9008











I met up with a friend I made in a Belfast backpacker hostel, and her friend. Both of them have been living in London for a year, and were happy to show me around Brick Lane as the market was closing down.

1-10295818_10152420560579134_2321409560738883180_n 60-IMG_89932-10320476_10152420560204134_2698828430707011611_n61-IMG_8994








In addition to the incredible antiques at every stall, we sought out some of the most creative street art I’ve seen.

65-IMG_8998 62-IMG_8995









The coolest pieces are the ones you really have to go out of your way to find. And it’s all dynamic, changing from what my friends found there a week past. 69-IMG_9004 70-IMG_9005 68-IMG_9003 80-IMG_9019 79-IMG_9017 78-IMG_9015 75-IMG_9012 73-IMG_9009



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