On the banks of the Thames

Almost a week spent in London and we barely scratched the surface. One of the things I love about London is that there will always be something new for me to come back to see or do. One day Elea and I took advantage of the shockingly good weather (no parkas needed and the sun came out to stay) to stroll along the Thames, with a rough idea of attractions we wanted to see.

15-IMG_9414 07-IMG_9397









London Bridge was a must, of course, even though we knew full well that the “pretty” one is Tower Bridge. It turns out, London Bridge has excellent views of said pretty one.

02-IMG_9390 04-IMG_9393 06-IMG_9395 05-IMG_9394 03-IMG_9392










At the end of London Bridge lay Borough Market. Yes, the fresh vegetables and cheeses and meals were a feast for the eyes, but what snatched our attention was the rows of desserts.

10-IMG_9402 11-IMG_9404 12-IMG_9405 13-IMG_9407
















Elea got her fix of Turkish Delight, I eyed the giant meringue, and together we split two tarts. We squeezed onto the edge of the Thames and ate our tarts with a good view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

19-IMG_9428 16-IMG_9421 17-IMG_9423





I can no longer fix the order perfectly straight in my mind, but we saw Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (The Globe!!! Shakespeare! Rhapsody!), popped into the Tate Modern (and stayed longer than planned because it was super cool), and finally wandered under one of the bridges to find a huge open-air book market.




The only thing needed to top off all that was a glimpse of a skate park Elea recognized from “Sherlock” and a sighting of the London Eye.

22-IMG_9442 23-IMG_9454 24-IMG_9455 25-IMG_9458 26-IMG_9459


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