Big Ben and Royal Guards {Classic London}

I’m back! Back home for a couple weeks now (in time for the 4th of July, yay America) and finally back on my blog. While I sort through the 6,000 photos (not kidding) I accumulated during a month in Europe and wait for my laptop to follow me home across the Pond, I’m going to be posting bits and pieces leftover from the semester before I move on to write about my exhausting, exhilarating month of solid travel. Now close your eyes and let yourself get sucked back to the past… to Spring Break in London…


Taking advantage of a free tour guide (an Australian, of course), Elea and I stumbled out of the Underground, tripped over tourists craning their necks, and saw Big Ben for the first time. How had I never realized it’s attached to the houses of parliament? Actually being in a place helps me put things together much better than just hearing or reading about them.

31-IMG_9314  38-IMG_9353 39-IMG_935810-IMG_9206








We walked past the Royal residences and waited a quarter hour at Clarence House (where the Prince of Wales lives when he’s in town) until a sleek car zipped through the gates (it was almost a ‘blink and you’ve missed it’ thing) and the police relented and told the crowd the car belonged to Princess Alexandra, youngest cousin of the queen. (Good enough to tell my little cousin I met a princess!) So that was my brush with royalty.










More Royalty (at a safe distance): Buckingham Palace

21-IMG_9247 19-IMG_9240 20-IMG_9246 18-IMG_9237 17-IMG_9234
















Police on horseback near 10 Downing Street

09-IMG_9204 30-IMG_9311









This clever memorial to the women of WWII:


This thing (I just remembered; it’s the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square):


And of course, classic London:

26-IMG_9298 25-IMG_9296 23-IMG_9281 27-IMG_930042-IMG_937541-IMG_9367
34-IMG_9322 33-IMG_9318 02-IMG_9504




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