Churchill’s London

My favorite view of Big Ben is Churchill’s view:


Just around the corner are Churchill’s War Rooms, incredible underground remnants of a government at work in the midst of war. Two things make the Churchill War Rooms worth the long queue and the entrance fee: One, the rooms are extensive enough to keep me occupied for 3 hours without reading every display, and two, many of the rooms remain practically untouched since they were abandoned at the end of WWII.


05-IMG_9510 06-IMG_9512 07-IMG_9513







01-IMG_9508 04-IMG_9519 09-IMG_9539 08-IMG_9535 03-IMG_9518






Some of the displays were especially quirky. There’s the set of doors marked ‘left’ and ‘right’ (good in a panic, I suppose), the reminder to TURN THAT SWITCH PLEASE (it may be war time, it may be crucial, but darn it they’re still British and that means they are always polite), the weather sign indicating ‘fine and warm’, because the workers inside the war rooms sometimes didn’t go aboveground for days at a time, and a jesting typewritten proposal by several women of the typing pool regarding the acquisition of chocolates and nylon stockings.

11-IMG_9542 02-IMG_9514 10-IMG_95401-IMG_952607-IMG_9527









I stopped for lunch inside the War Rooms at a WWII rations-style cafeteria. The prices were decent and the simple food, vegetable soup served in “Dig for Victory” tin mugs, was good. From the long tables shared with strangers to the propaganda posters on the walls, it was fun to imagine I had stepped back in time.08-IMG_9545



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