Writers’ London

2-IMG_9098St. Bride’s is known as the “Wedding Cake Church” for its distinctive Wren spire, but it is also the Journalist’s Church, just off of Fleet St., the traditional home of British newspapers. 2-IMG_9082

I found St. Bride’s by climbing up the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral (which is one of the most amazing cathedrals ever) and looking for the distinctive spiral. On Fleet St., I found some real-life barristers or solicitors or Lord judges or something, walking down the street on their lunch breaks. I felt like I was walking on a movie set, and I was just trying not to grin too much or look too creepy for taking pictures, but it was just so cool to see real British court of law people.








St. Bride’s was actually pretty neat to visit, because I was allowed wander down the crypt, where there were foundations from before the Great Fire of 1666 and Roman pavement.










Then I decided to take a detour before heading back to the Underground. Predictably, I managed to get lost even though I wasn’t even going anywhere in particular. But- best getting lost moment ever- I wandered into this random red brick courtyard, happened to look up, and found a plaque indicating that Charles Dickens had lived in that building for a while.

19-IMG_9114 17-IMG_9112









Sherlock Holmes? Check.


Agatha Christie? Check.

30-IMG_9466 29-IMG_9465









Last day in London merited a trip to King’s Cross Station, known for Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express. An hour of waiting in line (yes, we had to queue to take pictures of a wall) and I was the only one to wear the Hufflepuff scarf. Come on guys, it’s the House for the true and unafraid of toil! And, we Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders…

17-IMG_9574 18-IMG_9578 19-IMG_9579 20-IMG_9581


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