Twining’s & Once

Twining’s is my favorite brand of British tea, and Elea’s as well. Elea discovered  Twining’s has a tea shop on the Strand in London, and was determined to go. I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured, why not, and so we set off toward the Strand in a most meandering fashion. Along the way we encountered the renowned Drury Lane of Muffin Man fame.

31-IMG_9467The Twining’s shop is a typical Georgian storefront, narrow and deep. I loved imagining stores like that lining the streets of colonial America.











The inside was lined with shelves of tea and a few pots to taste-test.

37-IMG_9478 35-IMG_9473









We scuttled back to London’s West End, just in time for a musical at the Phoenix Theatre.


We had been enduring days and days of these advertisements every time we traveled on the Underground, and finally we decided to at least check on the price for the show.


Arthur Darvill and Zrinka Cvitešić

At the ticket office the day of the show, I bluntly asked for the cheapest tickets they had. To our elated surprise, the tickets were within our budgets… and two rows back from the stage.


We were thrilled just to attend any West End performance, but Once turned out to be the perfect show for us. It started out with the cast giving a mini concert on stage, and at intermission the bar on stage opened up for the audience. The musical was even better than the movie, and Elea and I waled out the doors at the end with stars in our eyes and music in our ears.


Going to Once taught me that travel is about the little things



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