Nostalgia for Wales

I am really and truly “back” now, and starting up classes any minute now. Between working and trying not to brag about my tan (“I got it in Greece” doesn’t go over well, oddly enough), I sometimes browse through photos of my big trip, trying to make sense of it all and reveling in the memories the pictures evoke. My last few weeks in Wales were filled with nostalgia for a place I grew to love in the little time I was there, as well as nostalgia for my home, because the greenery in Wales reminds me of Oregon (only with more castles and less hippies).

41-IMG_0562 40-IMG_0561 32-IMG_0498 34-IMG_0507










Beddgellert (“Gellert’s Grave”) is the grave site of the medieval hunting dog Gellert who protected Llewyllyn the Great’s little princeling son from a wolf (Llewllyn killed poor Gellert before double-checking that the baby he left alone with a giant hunting dog was safe).

37-IMG_0550 38-IMG_0551

The grave is in a sheep-strewn field, along a rushing stream and hills blue with wildflowers in the spring, somewhere in Snowdonia.

39-IMG_0554 36-IMG_0537 35-IMG_0512


Speaking of castles, I visited Penrhyn Castle on the edge of Bangor.

06-IMG_0263 15-IMG_0380






This castle isn’t medieval; it was built on the backs of the Atlantic slave trade and the Welsh slate miners, and the inside looks like Downton Abbey.






The grounds, though are the best part of Penrhyn Castle: a view of the Menai Straight, a bog garden (it’s a thing), and a walled garden straight out of The Secret Garden.

13-IMG_0376 12-IMG_0369 11-IMG_0367 10-IMG_0365 09-IMG_0364 08-IMG_0358 14-IMG_0378









I revisited Conwy Castle one last time.

05-IMG_0222 04-IMG_0220 03-IMG_0208 02-IMG_0205













And Criccieth Castle.


Saying goodbye to friends (and castles…) was the hardest part of leaving. I miss the dual languages, but castles and friends are just another trip away.






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