Bangor to Paris

So I took a bus from Bangor, Wales to Paris, France. Naturally a ferry was involved, but I stayed on the bus the whole time. I stayed at a great little Korean hostel in Paris and packed everything I could into about two days. Unlike most travelers I talked to, I had an amazing experience in Paris.















I finally got to practice French I had only read scattered among books (“Parlez-vous anglais?” I’d ask, while silently praying, Please, please, let them parley-voo onglay).










I saw Notre Dame. Yes, it meets expectations.

11-IMG_0984 12-IMG_0988 13-IMG_0992 15-IMG_0998 16-IMG_1010 17-IMG_1014 18-IMG_1030 19-IMG_1036 38-IMG_1149






























Why don’t we see more pictures of the back of Notre Dame? I think it’s lovelier than the front.

04-IMG_0964 06-IMG_09681-IMG_097008-IMG_0974


















Why did no one tell me Notre Dame is on a little island in the River Seine? So cool!

44-IMG_1172 41-IMG_1157









Of course, there were gargoyles.

35-IMG_1142 36-IMG_1145 37-IMG_1146 39-IMG_1151 27-IMG_109609-IMG_0976





















The inside was stunning as well: stained glass, fierce Joan of Arc, chandeliers, relics, original medieval paintings on the walls.

20-IMG_1048 21-IMG_1052 22-IMG_1057 23-IMG_1058 24-IMG_1063 25-IMG_1069 28-IMG_1097 29-IMG_1102 30-IMG_1103 31-IMG_1104 32-IMG_1107 33-IMG_1112 34-IMG_1125





















































One aspect to traveling solo is that you can just wander around and see what you see. I was free to take two dozen pictures of the Eiffel Tower or take the long way around Notre Dame, circling a neighborhood to admire balconied buildings and street vendors.

11-IMG_1213 12-IMG_1216 13-IMG_1218



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