Monthly Archives: November 2014

Vienna Rondezvous

After visiting Germany, I flew to the tiny, sunny island of Santorini, Greece. It was amazing. (More on that later).                                             Five days later, sunburned and exhausted from all-night flights, I arrived in Vienna […]

Fountains, towers, and pretzels in Munich

Another bus through Germany. Two pitiful hours of walking around in circles in the rain, looking for my hostel. The next day: Sun, and Munich. I was a tourist only staying one day, so I wandered around the cute old-timey sections of Munich and soaked in the Bavarian kitsch.             […]

Berlin: Concrete and Steel

I’d expected Berlin to look old and stately, but the city is filled with glass and steel and construction. A cathedral that was bombed in WWII survives in a fragmented condition today, encased in boxy glass like a museum piece:                 The atmosphere in Berlin didn’t feel like […]