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The Roman Forum: A Tale of Two Sunburns

We boarded a sleeper train for Rome and watched hilly Austrian towns pass by in the growing twilight. Rome unfolded in a jumble of confusion. Goal #1: find our way out of the train station. Goal #2: find a hostel for our stay. How hard could it be? Well. We sat in a McDonald’s and used the Wifi […]

Vienna Rondezvous

After visiting Germany, I flew to the tiny, sunny island of Santorini, Greece. It was amazing. (More on that later).                                             Five days later, sunburned and exhausted from all-night flights, I arrived in Vienna […]

Fountains, towers, and pretzels in Munich

Another bus through Germany. Two pitiful hours of walking around in circles in the rain, looking for my hostel. The next day: Sun, and Munich. I was a tourist only staying one day, so I wandered around the cute old-timey sections of Munich and soaked in the Bavarian kitsch.             […]

Berlin: Concrete and Steel

I’d expected Berlin to look old and stately, but the city is filled with glass and steel and construction. A cathedral that was bombed in WWII survives in a fragmented condition today, encased in boxy glass like a museum piece:                 The atmosphere in Berlin didn’t feel like […]

5 hours in Belgium

So. First week of my Europe Backpacking Experience and I board the bus that will take me from Paris to Brussels to Berlin. Stomach comfortably padded with macaroons, bag stuffed with PB&J sandwiches, journal in hand, I nestle into my window seat on the bus. First rule of travel: Transportation never goes as smoothly as planned. […]

Midnight in Paris, deux macarons, le tour Eiffel, et moi

I have been reviewing my journal entries from my trip, and I must say, there are a multitude of little incidents I had forgotten about. Stay tuned for my embarrassing encounter in the men’s bathroom in Berlin, a sketchy 2am passport “stamp” somewhere on the Flemish border, and me getting locked on a bus with two dozen […]

A Stroll Through Paris

My first morning in Paris, I took the metro to the heart of the city and spent the day walking along the Seine and seeing what I could see. I ended up walking from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower (and then some), which is something of a long walk, if I recall correctly. I […]

I Louvre Paris

I’ve seen pictures of the Louvre, we all have. All I knew was there was a bizarre glass pyramid and lots of famous art. Of course, the Louvre, like almost everywhere else I visited, is completely different from what I’d imagined. It’s actually an old palace, and the glass pyramids are combination skylight-entrances to the […]

Bangor to Paris

So I took a bus from Bangor, Wales to Paris, France. Naturally a ferry was involved, but I stayed on the bus the whole time. I stayed at a great little Korean hostel in Paris and packed everything I could into about two days. Unlike most travelers I talked to, I had an amazing experience […]

On top of Wales

My last week in Wales, I climbed to the top of Mt. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, with a group of German girls who were also studying abroad at Bangor.                     Mt. Snowdon is unique in that it is not a climb for beginners (climbers […]