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Nostalgia for Wales

I am really and truly “back” now, and starting up classes any minute now. Between working and trying not to brag about my tan (“I got it in Greece” doesn’t go over well, oddly enough), I sometimes browse through photos of my big trip, trying to make sense of it all and reveling in the […]


I’ve been radio silent on this blog lately, thanks to both finals and my own laziness. Things have been going well though, and before I continue posting about my spring break and my last few weeks around Bangor, I’ll just give a quick update on Things Lately. No pictures from the last days of my Outdoor […]

The Great Roommate Exchange

Last fall, my roommate Elea and I were planning our study abroad trips and of course we also planned to visit each other. I don’t know where the time went, but the time finally arrived to visit each other. I visited Elea for the weekend in Cork, Ireland where she is studying for the semester, and then […]

The Mother of Wales

Ynys Môn. The Isle of Anglesey. Known for Kate Middleton shopping and living there, and oh yeah, its ancient heritage dating back before the days of invading Romans. It’s just across the Menai Strait from Bangor, so this field trip was by no means my first time on the island (last month I went sea kayaking along […]

Churches: Bangor and surrounding

Day trips are great and all, but what is life like around town in Bangor? For an hour on Sundays you can find me in church. Bangor Cathedral was founded by St. Deiniol in 525 AD and rebuilt in the mid-13th century. The natives called the fence around the churchyard a “bangor”, and the name […]

Blue skies, light heart

I woke last Friday (my day off- thumbs up for the best schedule of my college career!) with sunlight streaming through my window. I had planned a writing day, but I couldn’t let blue skies go to waste. That’s the thing about so-so weather: when the sun comes out, you pay attention. I pulled on […]

I’ll take the low ropes, you take the high ropes

As fun as all my field trips have been, I am actually a student here. And one of my classes is the utterly unique Outdoor Pursuits, run through the Conway Centre. One day a week, I join a group of 10 in completing various physical challenges against the backdrop of the North Wales landscape. Up here […]

Rugby and the Superbowl: a sleepless night

It’s amazing how quickly being abroad makes me feel like an American. Before, I was an Oregonian, if anything. Here, though, surrounded by not-America, I’m very aware of my nationality. Which is why I stayed up till 3 am to watch the Superbowl this year, when I’ve barely cared about football before. It was my team, […]

Signposts: Bangor edition

Quirky signs around the university town of Bangor, North Wales…


…But no Doctor Who, because I’m in North Wales, not Cardiff. Alas.