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On top of Wales

My last week in Wales, I climbed to the top of Mt. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, with a group of German girls who were also studying abroad at Bangor.                     Mt. Snowdon is unique in that it is not a climb for beginners (climbers […]

Nostalgia for Wales

I am really and truly “back” now, and starting up classes any minute now. Between working and trying not to brag about my tan (“I got it in Greece” doesn’t go over well, oddly enough), I sometimes browse through photos of my big trip, trying to make sense of it all and reveling in the […]


What is this? Italy? Nope. It’s North Wales.                         You’d be forgiven for the mistake; Portmerion village is a collection of brightly colored houses and grottos modeled after the Italian town of Portofino. Walking around was bizarre and delightful. My sense of place was […]

Twining’s & Once

Twining’s is my favorite brand of British tea, and Elea’s as well. Elea discovered  Twining’s has a tea shop on the Strand in London, and was determined to go. I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured, why not, and so we set off toward the Strand in a most meandering fashion. Along the way we encountered […]

Writers’ London

St. Bride’s is known as the “Wedding Cake Church” for its distinctive Wren spire, but it is also the Journalist’s Church, just off of Fleet St., the traditional home of British newspapers.  I found St. Bride’s by climbing up the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral (which is one of the most amazing cathedrals ever) and looking […]

Highgate? Closedgate.

I didn’t break into a cemetery. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though. I have long desired to visit Highgate Cemetery, a Victorian graveyard overrun with dark green twists of ivy and derelict stone. Maybe it’s a bit odd, but I do love walking through old cemeteries, the kind where the newest inhabitants are wildflowers, not […]

Churchill’s London

My favorite view of Big Ben is Churchill’s view: Just around the corner are Churchill’s War Rooms, incredible underground remnants of a government at work in the midst of war. Two things make the Churchill War Rooms worth the long queue and the entrance fee: One, the rooms are extensive enough to keep me occupied […]

Big Ben and Royal Guards {Classic London}

I’m back! Back home for a couple weeks now (in time for the 4th of July, yay America) and finally back on my blog. While I sort through the 6,000 photos (not kidding) I accumulated during a month in Europe and wait for my laptop to follow me home across the Pond, I’m going to […]

Hiatus- One month across Europe

I am spending my last month over here traveling through Europe, something I’ve dreamed of doing for years. After two weeks of solo travel, I’ll be joining my friend Elea in Vienna, and traveling as a duo from there. I will miss writing this blog, but Paris and Rome and Barcelona are calling. Look forward […]

On the banks of the Thames

Almost a week spent in London and we barely scratched the surface. One of the things I love about London is that there will always be something new for me to come back to see or do. One day Elea and I took advantage of the shockingly good weather (no parkas needed and the sun […]