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The Roman Forum: A Tale of Two Sunburns

We boarded a sleeper train for Rome and watched hilly Austrian towns pass by in the growing twilight. Rome unfolded in a jumble of confusion. Goal #1: find our way out of the train station. Goal #2: find a hostel for our stay. How hard could it be? Well. We sat in a McDonald’s and used the Wifi […]

Vienna Rondezvous

After visiting Germany, I flew to the tiny, sunny island of Santorini, Greece. It was amazing. (More on that later).                                             Five days later, sunburned and exhausted from all-night flights, I arrived in Vienna […]

Fountains, towers, and pretzels in Munich

Another bus through Germany. Two pitiful hours of walking around in circles in the rain, looking for my hostel. The next day: Sun, and Munich. I was a tourist only staying one day, so I wandered around the cute old-timey sections of Munich and soaked in the Bavarian kitsch.             […]

Berlin: Concrete and Steel

I’d expected Berlin to look old and stately, but the city is filled with glass and steel and construction. A cathedral that was bombed in WWII survives in a fragmented condition today, encased in boxy glass like a museum piece:                 The atmosphere in Berlin didn’t feel like […]

5 hours in Belgium

So. First week of my Europe Backpacking Experience and I board the bus that will take me from Paris to Brussels to Berlin. Stomach comfortably padded with macaroons, bag stuffed with PB&J sandwiches, journal in hand, I nestle into my window seat on the bus. First rule of travel: Transportation never goes as smoothly as planned. […]

Midnight in Paris, deux macarons, le tour Eiffel, et moi

I have been reviewing my journal entries from my trip, and I must say, there are a multitude of little incidents I had forgotten about. Stay tuned for my embarrassing encounter in the men’s bathroom in Berlin, a sketchy 2am passport “stamp” somewhere on the Flemish border, and me getting locked on a bus with two dozen […]

A Stroll Through Paris

My first morning in Paris, I took the metro to the heart of the city and spent the day walking along the Seine and seeing what I could see. I ended up walking from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower (and then some), which is something of a long walk, if I recall correctly. I […]

I Louvre Paris

I’ve seen pictures of the Louvre, we all have. All I knew was there was a bizarre glass pyramid and lots of famous art. Of course, the Louvre, like almost everywhere else I visited, is completely different from what I’d imagined. It’s actually an old palace, and the glass pyramids are combination skylight-entrances to the […]

Bangor to Paris

So I took a bus from Bangor, Wales to Paris, France. Naturally a ferry was involved, but I stayed on the bus the whole time. I stayed at a great little Korean hostel in Paris and packed everything I could into about two days. Unlike most travelers I talked to, I had an amazing experience […]

Hiatus- One month across Europe

I am spending my last month over here traveling through Europe, something I’ve dreamed of doing for years. After two weeks of solo travel, I’ll be joining my friend Elea in Vienna, and traveling as a duo from there. I will miss writing this blog, but Paris and Rome and Barcelona are calling. Look forward […]