Why Wales?

It’s what you’re all thinking… Why Wales? Why not sunny Florence, Italy or culture-forward London? Why rural, rainy, where’s-that-again Wales?

Because I’ve never been there. Because I love imported UK culture (literature, TV, music, tea). Because I love to live surrounded by mountains and ocean with all number of outdoorsy activities available to me. Because the program sounded fantastic and I’ll get to take classes that actually count toward my majors, English and History. Because the people seem nice and because most people I know don’t even have Wales on their radar. Because it’s a good place to start my travel adventures. And most importantly, because it has more castles per capita than any other country in Europe. CASTLES.



One comment

  1. I went through this program myself in 2014 and it was the best decision of my life. So glad you had a great time!


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